Saturday December 1st 1979. Liverpool 4-0 Middlesbrough. This was my first ever visit to Anfield. We stood on the kop left to the goal about halfway up nearer to the corner. I was 8 and i sat on the barrier with my dad & uncle on both sides. The previous thursday before i found out we where going to Anfield me and many other lil terrace street players had been playing our daily Alexandra rd v Granville rd match. The goals where 2 back alleys in a town deep in the heart of 70s industrial Teesside. No refs no cards no HT only the occasional break due to cars speeding past. My game finished early due to the sound of our mam shouting me in. Gutted & sweaty i dragged myself home to hear the words that have stayed with me for 36 years ‘would you like to go to anfield on Saturday son’ my world started spinning ‘The kop awaits us’ I remember not even saying yes but my total shock as i stood in the front room dressed in all red with bloody knees was enough. I did not need to be asked twice. The years have diminished many little memories of that day but the busy crowd walking down to the ground and seeing Anfield for the first time with a match programme tightly gripped in my hand still remains. The lights the people the feeling the cold the warmth the anticipation the sounds the scarfs the smiles will never leave me nor will the fact that we broke down on the way home and we had to be rescued and brought home by my nanna & grandad in their burgandy Vauxhall viva. Me sandwiched in between our mam an nanna tired soon to fall asleep,pitch black,dashboard the only light, warm and snug as a bug as we headed home. Saturday December 1st 1979 was my Christmas Day. YNWA


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