Sixty Five Plus

I am so glad Liverpool FC decided to remain at Anfield. I saw many benefits of a brand new Liverpool FC stadium and i was at times a little excited with the idea. The benefits i am sure would have been many but it was always Anfield Rd for me. I imagine it is more costlier to modernise but for me it is the right thing to do. Anfield is more than just a football ground. If managed correctly old grounds brought up to date look and feel so much better. I have nothing against most new stadiums because some look fantastic but for me Anfield is our home and i appreciate that once all the work has finished it will resemble triggers broom but i do not care as we will still be at Anfield rd. Hopefully once all the work has been completed in a few years time Anfield will have a minimum 65k capacity. I know the initial idea is to take it to 59k but i am hoping the effect of our new manager on and off the pitch forces FSG into a rethink for all the right reasons.  Who knows maybe FSG have already discussed this subject seen as in the last 6 months Chelsea Tottenham and Man City have announced big plans for their own stadiums. I have this nagging doubt that 59k is not going to be big enough for LFC. It’s certainly a massive improvement so this is not in anyway an attack on FSG but i do feel that in the long term and for many reasons Anfield needs to be a minimum 65k home. 


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